A car crash has many complications…

There are plenty of things that most folks would rather avoid in life:

Poison ivy.

Broken bones.

A car wreck.

While wrecking your car might not be the worst thing that can happen to a person, it can have some very long lasting complications.


The fist complication that might come to mind would be those involving your health.


Often a wreck will mean that your body gets jerked around a bit and will be sore for a few days. There are other situations of course where the effects of a wreck will mean loss of life or a lot of time in a hospital bed. Unfortunately, even those collisions that don’t seem to be that bad can have a serious effect on your health when you are older. For example if you get whiplash from crashing, you might feel better in a week or two, and then won’t have any symptoms at all. Later in life though, the damage that the whiplash caused to your spinal discs can cause a lot of pain.


One serious complication with a car wreck is what happens to your insurance cost after the fact.


Was the accident your fault? Does it even matter if it was your fault? In some states the police do not get involved in an accident unless there are injuries that warrant an ambulance to be called. If there is no police involvement then there will be no driver ticketed. No driver who is officially at fault will mean that there will be issues getting the insurance company to pay up. It might also mean that just being involved, no matter how innocently, will raise  insurance premiums.


Fear of another accident can interfere with getting comfortable on the road again.


Sometimes after all of the rigmarole that surrounds an accident is over, there will be stress and fear experienced when driving. That is one complication that people don’t think about when it comes to car accidents. For some it could be labeled as PTSD. It will take time to get comfortable driving again, depending on the severity of the accident and the personality of the driver. Post accident stress can make a person a fearful and jumpy driver until confidence in being on the road returns.






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