A limo can’t get you everywhere-just yet

There are still some interesting places on the planet that are rather hard to get to. Some will take a hike while others involve a swim. Maybe the trip to some places should be considered part of the joy of visiting.

Destination: Minorca, an island off the coast of Spain (next to Majorca).

Travel means: entrancing boat ride.

What to enjoy while visiting: Incredible views of a variety of protected ecosystems. The beaches are remote and quiet and the seafood is fresh and locally caught.


Destination: Machu Picchu, Peru

Travel means: train, specifically the luxurious Orient Express.

What to enjoy while visiting: The Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, located way up in the Andes Mountains. The Restaurant, Tampu, has a view of the ancient ruins. There are also guides available to take anyone hearty enough on a hiking tour to visit Incan Ruins that are only accessible by foot.


Destination: Le Sereno in St. Barths, French West Indies.

Travel means: From St. Martin you travel on a boat to St Barths. The blue green water is crystal clear and the views are amazing.

What to enjoy while visiting: Le Sereno Hotel is the place to go if you have very deep pockets and want the five start treatment.


Destination: Namche Bazaar in Khumbu Valley, Nepal

Travel means: Hiking is the way in.

What to enjoy while visiting: This is the place that people stop before attempting to climb Mount Everest. It is set on the slopes near the base of the mountain and has vigorous adventuresome people from all over the globe.

WMLimo - Nepal

Destination: Faroe Islands which are located about halfway between Norway and Iceland.

Travel means: by air.

What to enjoy while visiting: This is a true getaway, because it is so far away from the rest of the population. One Isle, Sandoy, offers the very hard to get to Nordasti Hagi Restaurant. It takes a four wheel drive vehicle to get through the trails, streams, rocks and mud that ends in a walk of around 20-30 minutes to get to the restaurant. The travel will be worth it for the view and the lamb.


Destination: The end of the world or Tierra del Fuego, at the most southern point of South America.

Travel means: a guided tour.

What to enjoy while visiting: another spot that makes civilization seem very far away. There is glacier hiking, bird watching, fly fishing, beaver and sea lion watching offered. There is even the opportunity to learn how to work a dog sled.

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