Cities where you want to let someone else do the driving:

Sometimes it just makes good sense to hire someone else to drive you around. There are quite a few places that are quite difficult to navigate in a moving vehicle unless you are accustomed to the location.

New York City.

The cabbies are ruthless and the traffic unbearable. The worst traffic can be found on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Just pick any day or any hour and you are likely to get stuck in traffic with no exits in sight. Manhattan is congested with cabs that do not care if they hit you or your car and people constantly stepping into the road.


It is not as congested as New York but offers plenty of traffic and accidents. The Shuylkill Expressway is very well known for daily accidents and nearly endless traffic jams.


Washington DC.

For some reason as soon as it starts to rain or even worse, to snow, the driving in DC gets immeasurably worse. There are so many officially “important” people in this city and they are always in a hurry to get where they are going.



Don’t speed in Irvine. They raise a lot of revenue through their speeding tickets. On average, people do drive slower here which means that you sit in traffic longer. There are over 60 speed traps just in Irvine alone, which might have something to do with the slower rate of speed.


Los Angeles.

The drive across LA seems to take forever being that it is such a sprawling metropolis. All across that sprawl are people trying to get from one part of the area to another and getting stuck in traffic while they do that is very common.



What Miami lacks in traffic it makes up for in bad drivers. There are more auto fatalities there than any other city. It also holds the top position in pedestrian hits. They also top the charts in unkind tirades between one driver and another.

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