Courtesy while driving goes a long way

Whether you are a limo driver, cabby, or just drive yourself to work every day-being a courteous driver can really go a long way. It can help drivers avoid endless moving vehicle infractions as well as stay away from road-ragers.

Tailgating can mean trouble.

Someone driving slower than you, while you are stuck behind them is frustrating. Driving extra close to their bumper is not going to make them drive faster; it can actually have the opposite effect. There are many folks out there that find a tailgater to be extremely annoying as well as dangerous. That slow driver might go even slower if you start to get too close.

Distracted drivers are dangerous and irritating.


We have all been sitting behind someone at a stoplight that was so busy on their phone that they made you miss the light. People talking on the phone while driving are usually going to be slower to make decisions. They will sit longer at stoplights, stop signs, and turn lanes. Your best bet as a driver is to avoid being one of these distracted slowpokes yourself.


Young speeders and new drivers.


Not all speeders are young men as insurance companies would have you believe. There are quite a few teenage drivers that like to drive fast. These and other speedy drivers will barrel through neighborhoods, weave in and out of traffic, and make some very iffy lane changes. All of these driving tactics can make other drivers very angry and cause accidents. Just don’t take it personal when some young kid cuts you off or goes zooming around you in traffic, hopefully they will grow out of the habit before causing much damage.


Older drivers on the road.


We have all seen a tiny little gray haired person that can barely see over the steering wheel. Sometimes they do seem to be the slowest creatures on the road. Before getting aggravated at the slow turns and waiting for one of them to back out of a parking spot, just relax. One can only hope to be in the position themselves, of a senior driver. Obviously none of these older drivers have done anything on the road that was dumb enough to get them killed.

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