Using a Limo Service for Concerts

Using a limousine service for transportation to and from a concert venue is the ultimate way to arrive in superstar style. Generally, limousine services will have several different types of vehicles available, all of which should be booked well in advance of the concert date. Rental rates will also depend on the size of the vehicle and number of passenger, usually with a minimum hourly charge and an expected tip for the driver at the end of the night. Rates run, depending on the company and policy, between $50 and $300 per hour. Some companies will offer an extended service discount if the vehicle is rented for the entire night or a block of hours for one customer.

Renting a limousine for a concert is an excellent way to put a cherry on top of really good seats, or make not-so-good seats a lot more fun. The size of the vehicle should fit the size of the party attending the concert and there are usually six different types of vehicles to choose from. Luxury sedans are normally four door Lincoln Towncars or Cadillacs, not stretched in any way. These are not usually flashy enough for a concert and are reserved more for private dinners or business travel. Stretch sedans are plenty if there are only two people in the party attending the concert.

Depending on the specific model of the car, six-passenger stretch limousines will accommodate up to six normal sized adult people. Likewise, the eight-passenger stretch limousine will accommodate up to eight normal sized adult people. For small parties of concert goers, these are a flashy, superstar way to arrive at and leave the show. For maximum comfort of the party, deducting 1-2 passengers from the vehicle capacity should provide the maximum number of normal sized people who should travel with the party. For instance, the 10-passenger stretch can only comfortably accommodate eight average sized adults. A good guideline to use prior to renting is to figure vehicle capacity for two more than the number of people traveling in the vehicle. Anyone attempting to seat 10 adults, who are larger than average, or overweight, is in for an uncomfortable ride for everyone.

It is generally not cost effective for a vehicle service to rent out a limousine for only one hour, so renters should be aware there is normally a minimum two to three hour charge for the vehicle. In the case of stretch SUVs or super stretch limousines, there is an additional premium charged on the rental due to the limited availability of these types of vehicles. Renters, especially concert goers renting a limousine, should be aware they will be paying for the driver to wait for them for the length of the concert. It does not matter if there are passengers in the vehicle or not, if the driver is there, the person who booked the limo is paying the hours.

It is usually not necessary to get an all-inclusive limousine service when traveling to and from a concert or event, unless the party is intending to go an after party or continue to celebrate the evening after the concert is over. In the case of an all-inclusive rental, it should be asked up front what exactly is included with the rental. This is usually the safest way to avoid embarrassing situations at the end of the night when the bill is much more than expected. Knowing what is included right up front can make renting a limousine for a concert a fun and exciting way to impress friends, dates, spouses and siblings. Remembering the basics of limousine rental; number of passengers, size and cost, will make the evening fun and enjoyable for everyone and make the limousine rental experience the best it can be.

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