Limo Service for Corporate and Group Events

For special events, companies often take their employees and clients out of the office, away from the boardroom, and to another venue. It could be dinner and show to reward employees for a job well done, or a baseball game to welcome foreign clients to the United States with a true American tradition. There are any number of corporate and group events that take place outside of the office, but whose success or failure can have a dramatic impact on the company.

Using a limo service to convey out of town clients from the office to a celebratory dinner, or another event, is a way to reduce stress for the company, as well as to ensure that the corporate guests will enjoy themselves. Instead of having to battle traffic between the office and dinner, the company owner can focus his or her energies on the guests of honor, and ensure that they are seeing the sights out the limo's windows, enjoying a bottle of water, or glass of chilled wine (already in the limo), and that he or she is able to answer any questions they may have. While the business meeting may have formally concluded back at the office, the company's guests are likely to want to continue to ask questions about the company. A company owner or manager who is busy trying to navigate his or her way to the destination may not be able to give these questions the weight and consideration that they need before answering, and may find herself or himself speaking too harshly, or revealing too much in a quick response while distracted.

The company owner or manager is able to focus all of his or her attentions on the clients in the backseat of the limo, however. While the limo driver deals with any forced detours due to construction or other traffic issues that are common in both cities and suburbs, the company owner or manager does not have to deal with that stress, and as a result is able to chat with the clients as needed. Often these casual conversations are able to help the company owner or manager divine what other business needs the clients may have, and generate additional business from the clients as a result. Even conversations that are seemingly unrelated to the business currently at hand can lead to furthering a business relationship.

Today's celebrations, whether they are internal to the corporation, or include external guests such as clients or the business's top vendors, often include alcohol. While a glass of wine or champagne is celebratory, and a beer at sports games is customary, drinking and then driving is not only a bad idea, it also is illegal. It is a bad business practice to provide alcohol to employees, clients, vendors, or anyone else, without also providing a ride home. Hiring a limo service to ferry employees home after a holiday party shows that not only are you interested in rewarding your employees with a party for a job well done this year, but you also are committed to caring about their health and well being. These small gestures are often the reason why employees demonstrate loyalty to a company by remaining with the company year after year.

Clients enjoying a night on the town with the company owner or manager also will appreciate the use of a limo service. The clients especially appreciate that their evening's entertainment was a complete experience, rather than a stressful one that ended with them unable to drive, and stranded in an unfamiliar city.

Even corporate and group events that do not include alcohol consumption benefit from the use of a limo service. The limo service reduces stress over traveling when going to the airport, since it eliminates the need to park before going to the gate. It also can be used to transport an entire business team to a retreat or convention. Using a limo service for an entire group makes the experience memorable for your employees, whose loyalty increases as a result. A limo service also means that the team bonding time begins when your employees get into the limo with you, rather than once they arrive at the off-site location.

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