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WM Limo offers a large selection of vehicles and options for your travel plans. We have access to 1000s of Limousine Rental Services. Below is just a sampling of what we have to offer. Should require additional options, please feel free to contact us.

Sedan & Car Service

A Sedan Limousine is the classic choice if you need to arrange transportation to and from a destination (such as the airport). In cases when the destination is far, booking a car service can be even cheaper than simply catching a cab, and much more comfortable. It's also a great choice for a night out, weekend getaway, or wine and sightseeing tour. Usually only two or three people can fit in a sedan, so if you have a larger party it might be worth it to consider a van or SUV.

Lincoln Towncar

Seats: 3
Price Range: from $15 per person per hour

A Lincoln Towncar limo is a great choice for occasions that require understated elegance and efficiency, and serves a wide variety of populations and events accordingly... Read More

Rolls Royce

Seats: 2
Price Range: from $75 per person per hour

When people think of luxury and true class, many people think of the Rolls Royce. A Rolls Royce conjures of images of the finer things in life, high style, and sophisticated living... Read More


Seats: 2
Price Range: from $75 per person per hour

Renting a Bentley limo is a great idea for professional or corporate events. Perhaps one's company is hosting a gala or charity event to help others. Whatever the case, renting a Bentley limo may be just the solution a company needs for the evening... Read More

Sport Utility Vehicles

Booking an SUV car service is great choice for small group transportation, be it a wine tasting tour or a trip to the airport. An SUV limo will hold 5 or 6 people and is great for when the occasion doesn't warrant a stretch limo. Commonly found options are Cadillac Escalade limos, Lincoln Navigator limos, H2 limousines, Hummer limos, and Range Rover limos.

Hummer H2 SUV

Seats: 5-6
Price Range: from $10 per person per hour

When planning the perfect vacation, it is important to pick out the perfect rental car. It is important to pick out a rental car that is reliable and spacious enough to hold plenty of luggage... Read More

Lincoln Navigator SUV

When a chauffeured vehicle is required and the passenger count exceeds the industry work horse sedans; yet booking a limousine would be over the top, renting a Lincoln Navigator SUV... Read More

Cadillac Escalade SUV

A Cadillac Escalade SUV speaks volumes about its occupants. It says that they are successful and confident. Renting a Cadillac Escalade SUV may mean hiring a driver, or driving the vehicle yourself, depending on your needs.... Read More

Ford Excursion SUV

There are many times during the year when you may find your otherwise adequate car not quite meeting your needs. This could be for business reasons, if you find yourself traveling or working with clients outside of the office... Read More

Range Rover SUV

Renting a Range Rover SUV is a great way to take advantage of its space and four wheel drive capability, without having to bear the expense of owning one full time. Range Rover SUVs are an excellent choice for families traveling on vacation... Read More

Stretch Limousines

Stretch Limos can fit anywhere from 6 people to 20, depending on the size. They come in many makes and models, including Chrysler 300 limousines, Jaguar limos, and Lincoln Town car Limos. Renting a stretch limo is a great way to go out with a crowd, from a bachelor party to a birthday to your wedding party. Some stretch limo rentals have custom made interiors, and can have anything from a full bar to a plasma TV. Many operators on provide photos of the interior of their limousines as well as amenities, so be sure to take a look before you book.

Seats: 6-8
Price Range: from $20 per person per hour

Stretch Lincoln Towncar

Renting a stretch Lincoln Towncar can be the perfect way to commemorate another person's achievements, arrive in style at a corporate event, or simply celebrate an anniversary... Read More

Stretch Chrysler 300

One of the most special parts of being involved in a wedding is bonding with the bridal party or groomsmen. Looking back on pictures of a bridal party in a gorgeous rental car, such as a stretch Chrysler 300... Read More

Stretch Jaguar Limousine

Renting a stretch jaguar can be the perfect solution for any high-class corporate event. Aside from corporate events, however, there are also plenty of other times in one's life when renting a stretch Jaguar can add... Read More

Stretch SUVs

Stretch Hummer limousines and SUV Limos are built for a bigger crowd, great for parties of over 15. You can commonly find stretch Cadillac Escalade limos, stretch Lincoln Navigator limos, stretch Ford Excursion limos, and stretch H2 Hummer limousines, as well as other exotic models. Going out in one of these giants is guaranteed to make a statement! Stretch SUV Limos and Hummers are roomier than the classic limousine. Perfect to rent for prom, bachelor parties, weddings or any big special occasion.

Seats 15-20
Price Range: from $10 per person per hour

Stretch Hummer H2

Extra special occasions, such as weddings, and senior prom, are about more than just the event. They require weeks, if not months of planning and coordination. These occasions lead to after parties, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, photo opportunties, and many other activities... Read More

Stretch Lincoln Navigator

Renting a stretch Lincoln Navigator limousine is an excellent choice for just about every occasion where a limousine might be needed. From wedding parties to senior proms the stretch Lincoln Navigator will take you to or from your event in style... Read More

Stretch Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade is one of the most stylish and elegant cars on the market. A stretch Cadillac Escalade is even better, for it is the symbol of pure luxury in society.... Read More

Vans, Buses, and Other Vehicles

Limo Van

Seats 20+
Price Range: from $6 per person per hour

The luxurious world of the iconic "limo" is by no means restricted to those sleek 6-passenger beauties we see gliding along urban highways.... Read More

Party Bus

Seats 20+
Price Range: from $6 per person per hour

There are many great times that call for the renting of a party bus. A party bus is like a celebration of life, it allows individuals to be carefree, fun, and wild... Read More

Limo Motor Coach

Seats 20+
Price Range: from $6 per person per hour

When perusing your favorite limousine company’s website you may have noticed some unique fleet offerings including a limo motorcoach. For those unfamiliar with these special party vehicles, essentially they are best described as buses featuring a limousine interior... Read More

Mini Party Bus

Seats 20+
Price Range: from $6 per person per hour

There are many occasions in which renting a mini party bus is a wise financial decision. For wedding events, such as bachelorette or bachelor parties, renting a mini party bus... Read More

Trolley Limo

Seats 20+
Price Range: from $5 per person per hour

Booking a trolley is an especially memorable way to host a crowd. Great for pre-wedding events, wine tasting tours and nights on the town, a charter trolley limo is a great way to sight see. Trolley Limousines generally hold about 20 passengers and can often only be found in vacation destination cities and wine regions, so check your local offerings. Note that many trolleys have hard bench seats so aren't great for long trips.

Antique & Classic

For many brides, when they imagine riding away from their wedding in a gorgeous limousine, this is the sort of car that they think of. A Bentley limo or a Rolls Royce limo is the classic wedding ride and is a sure way to make an elegant statement. Some limo companies can even arrange a police escort! Aside from weddings, vintage car service is great for anniversaries, birthdays, or a special date night out.

Seats: 2
Price Range: from $75 per person per hour

Vintage Limousine

Vintage limousine rentals offer luxury and style for those times when you expect the best. This type of limousine rental conjures up images of earlier eras when men wore hats and ladies donned gloves. Read More

Carriage Rental

A carriage rental is a wonderful way to surprise a loved one. Horse-drawn carriages are elegant and fun. Taking a ride in a carriage takes people back to a time when horses were the main source of transportation... Read More

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