Renting a Carriage

A carriage rental is a wonderful way to surprise a loved one. Horse-drawn carriages are elegant and fun. Taking a ride in a carriage takes people back to a time when horses were the main source of transportation. There is nothing like having a horse take you on a whirlwind ride through the city streets.

Renting a carriage can be used for many occasions. Some people like to rent carriages for birthdays. Others use a carriage rental as a getaway vehicle after they have been married and are leaving the church. Carriage rentals are perfect for romantic date nights, prom celebrations and anniversaries. Renting a carriage is perfect for popping the question when you propose marriage, too. Children love riding in carriages. For some, it is a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to be close to a horse.

The benefits of renting a carriage are numerous. When people ride in a carriage, they are sure to be noticed by onlookers. It's easy to impress others when renting a carriage. Also, horse-drawn carriages set a romantic mood for couples. It is nice to have a coachman drive while the passengers relax and enjoy the ride. A horse-drawn carriage rental truly is what you make of it. You can always bring along a picnic basket of food and a bottle of wine to spice things up.

When renting a carriage, be sure to include a tip for the driver. Also, ask before petting or touching the horse. Some coachmen allow touching while others do not. Trust that the driver knows his horse. Never run around a horse or make quick movements that might scare the animal.

Carriage rentals are a wonderful way to show someone that you care. Typically, carriage rentals can be found in the downtown areas of major cities.

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