Simple ways to keep your vehicle moving

Whether it is preventative maintenance or just avoiding stupid accidents, it is important to take care of your vehicle. This is especially true of those people that drive limos. If you are a professional driver, and get in a wreck, it will not look good to either your employer or the insurance company.

Some of the simplest maintenance can keep your car running better and going longer.

Simple maintenance:

Check the oil occasionally.


The older that your car gets, the more likely that it is to leak oil. It is important to get the oil checked regularly too, but if the oil leaks out at some point, the engine will blow. All of the fluids in the engine should be checked to keep things going smoothly.


Tires need air.


The proper amount of air in your tires will help you to control the vehicle better when driving and will get the car better mileage. Checking the tires for wear will also save you from driving a bald tire and possibly having a blowout on the highway.


Stupid accidents to avoid:


Don’t drive away with the gas nozzle still attached.


Life can be distracting. Pay attention while you are filling your tank with gas. On a monthly basis, at your average gas station, someone will drive away with the nozzle still in their car. The charges for this can be up to the thousands, depending on the station.


Don’t use your cell phone when getting gas.


It can ignite vapors and cause a fire. This is not an Urban Legend. Fires can be started with gasoline vapors incredibly easy. It just takes a spark. Gas stations are equipped with oxygen suppressing powder as a fire suppressant. It sets off automatically and will put out small fires very quickly. The safest method is to put the nozzle in, add the gas, and then replace the nozzle. Keeping your hand on the nozzle will mean avoiding static electricity sparks.


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