Prom and homecoming trends

Prom and homecoming are the highlights to anyone’s high school year. The thrill of buying dresses, dancing with that special someone to whatever grind song is popular at the time. People are wondering what the hottest trend is, when it comes to post-dance or pre-dance fun.

  • Hiring a limo:

Though it could make you look cool and rich, some schools won’t allow them. There really isn’t a point to limos if you aren’t going with a group; or if you aren’t going to a party afterward. Besides not all parents are willing to pay for that expense.

  • Party bus:

Like limos some schools don’t allow them, and they are pointless if you aren’t going in a group. Party busses could be fun, they are also pricey. They students going to prom should maybe wait a while before jumping into a party bus. The whole idea seems overrated anyway unless there is a large group and everyone is splitting the bill.

  • Going with a group:

This is the best way to go. You would just have to make sure that you’re on good terms with everyone in the group before agreeing to go. You have to be on good terms with everyone because you never know who you’re going to end up being alone with at the end of the night.

  • Partying after the dance:

Prom and homecoming end early, so most people don’t feel like they’ve twerked or grinded enough to satisfy their partying needs. so prom/homecoming goers develop lies to tell their parents, so they are able to get wasted and party hard. This has always been a trend and will most likely always be, depending on the kid-of course.

  • Renting a hotel room:

Though you would need an older friend or parent to get the room rented, that could be an awesome after party spot. You don’t run into the risk of waking any nosey neighbors up or having the cops getting called on you at home.

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