Limo crashes and problems that make us all wonder about limo safety

There have been some high profile crashes lately involving limos. It does bring to find safety issues concerning limos. Limo passengers are not required to wear safety belts even though it is the law. Because some crashes result in engulfing flames there is a question if a fire extinguisher is needed in these types of vehicles. If they already have the fire extinguisher, then is it in reach of passengers? The stories of these crashes are pretty sad and we all have to consider if they could have been prevented or at least turned out with a better outcome.

Date: May 5, 2013

Incident: limo burns on San Francisco area bridge.

Details: There were 10 people in the limo. The driver and his 9 passengers, which were celebrating a bachelorette party. 5 of the passengers died in the fiery wreck. It appears that the fire started in the back end of the limo and then moved on quickly from there. There was no other vehicle involved. The bride to-be did not survive.




Date: March 27, 2013

Incident: Limo driver is in hit and run and then involved in fatal accident, minutes later.

Details: There were no injuries reported in the hit and run incident. The other accident happened just a half a mile away and involved 4 cars. No one has been blamed yet and investigating officers are looking into whether or not someone did not stop for a red light.


Date: May 16, 2012

Incident: Limo crashes into exotic auto shop.

Details: The Lincoln Town Car driver ran from the scene after he pulled the passenger from the vehicle. The woman was then taken to the hospital in critical condition. The exotic car shop had damages to a TVR Tuscan, and a Ferrari. The owner of the shop was very upset because of the damage to the rare auto.


Date: October 27, 2012

Incident: Limo crashes into parked car and then plunges from elevated parking lot.

Details: The driver has stated that he mistakenly thought that the Lincoln Town Car was in reverse when he hit the gas pedal. He hit the car with such force that both vehicles went off the edge of the lot and then landed 20 feet below in an apartment courtyard.




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