Driving a Limo-Compared to other jobs

Most kids don’t graduate from school with the idea of becoming a chauffeur. The fact is though that it is a better choice for many people. For some folks it is a better choice to spend some time in college before searching out a place on the job market. Checking out your choices ahead of time is definitely the best idea.

Job: Limo driver or chauffer.

Median income amount: approximately 23,000.

Schooling or education required: No formal education is required. A chauffeurs license and a clean driving record is needed.

Pros/Cons: Driving people here and there and waiting around is pretty relaxing, unless the passengers are unruly drunks.


Job: Pest Controller

Median Income Amount: $27,000.

Education requirements: Usually only requires some on the job training.

Pros/Cons: Dealing with creepy critters in tight spaces is not high on anyone’s fun list.


Job: Security Guard

Median Income Amount: $28,000

Education requirements: Depends on the position.

Pros/Cons: The low pay makes this a good choice for retired cops and military types. The hours can be odd but it can be a pretty easy job depending on the position.


Job: Lineman

Median Income Amount: $58,000

Education requirements: this is a skilled trade job that requires a lot of training.

Pros/Cons: The amount of risk involved in a job like this does not reflect on the amount of pay. The hours are odd (when a line has trouble, it has to be fixed). Working up on a power pole with live electric lines, during inclement weather is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Job: Army Private

Median Income Amount: $17,000.

Education requirements: training provided.

Pros/Cons: Obviously this is the type of job that puts you in a life or death position in times of war. One good point of this job is that after you are out you can go to college on the GI bill for free.


Job: CEO

Median Income Amount: $729, 000

Education requirements: terminal degree from a good school for the big bucks.

Pros/Cons: This is a highly stressful job that pays out quite well. These guys even get a bonus if they get axed, a massively large bonus.


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