Even in this economy, spending money on “The Prom” is typical

Appearances are important to most people and teenagers are high on that list.

The question is though; what is an acceptable amount to spend on one night?

The Prom can be considered a rite of passage. It is for those kids that are graduating (although others can go). It does mark and end to their childhood education and a beginning of adulthood. Perhaps this one night is more important simply because other types of milestone dances don’t happen as often anymore, such as a coming out party.

According to a survey done by VISA, the kids will pay almost half off the expenses related to the prom. That price tag can get pretty hefty.

The average cost: around 1200 bucks.

If you live up in the northeastern part of the country that cost could be around $1500

For those out in the Midwest, you could expect to pay about half of that.


That cost can include:

Ticket to prom, which is not cheap,

The dress or tuxedo

The alterations to the dress

The eye-catching limo that will go to and from the event

The pre-prom primping, which could include manicure, haircut or fancy up-do, facial, etc…

There will usually be dinner out

And for some, a hotel room for the night.


It does make you wonder, what those families do that don’t have that kind of money.


Free Dresses?


A prom dress is just a portion of the expenses that some of these kids are incurring. It is a very important part of the night though. For those communities that have an Operation Prom in their area, they have dresses that are donated and given away. There is also the option finding something second hand at a thrift store. It will take some searching, but there are plenty of fancy gowns to be found for anywhere from 10 bucks and up. With a ride to and from with mom and dad, the night can go off with a much lesser expense.

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