The Top Questions to Ask Your Limousine Company

Looking to rent a limousine? Depending on where you live you probably can access many local car companies that seem to be appealing.  When selecting a private limousine company, however, there are several things that you should consider in selecting a company that is not only reliable and available but that can also offer you everything else that you are looking for for your special day or occasion.

To begin with it is always a good idea to select a few different companies and then to call up and interview them to find out what they have to offer.  While you may be tempted to avoid the companies that are smaller and locally owned many times these companies will work along with larger companies in the area to make sure that they can offer you a good selection of vehicles.  Dealing with a local company will likely offer you more personalized service, which can enhance your special day.


When you contact a location you will first and foremost need to find out if they have vehicles available for the day that you need one.  Obviously if they don’t and it is a popular date then you will likely need to shop elsewhere and this is why this should be your very first question.  From this question you will want to go into the different types of vehicles that they have available and a price list.  At this point, unless there is a specific vehicle that you desire and you already know what you want then the company representative will very likely refer you to the company website for further information or will arrange a consultation with you so that you can sit down together and discuss your personal needs.

Which Type of Limo Best Suits You

If you consult with the company in person you will need to know not only when you need the limousine and driver for but for how many hours as well as how many different locations they will be servicing.  Many groups opt to meet at one pickup location, as this tends to help reduce the cost a little.  Since most companies do charge by the hour as well it is best to really accurately ballpark how many hours you will need your limousine and driver for.  This should include time before and after the event to pick up and drop off passengers as well.


After you have established that a limousine company has what you are looking for you will next want to know which driver will be assigned to your event and you will want references.  Most companies will be willing to offer these to customers, as this is the best way to tell the quality of the company you are dealing with.

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