If you prefer a Navigator, Chrysler 300, Cadillac, Mercedes, Lincoln Town Car, or Hummer; your party can begin and finish contained by the pretty limo made to cause your formal or nuptial a success. You can be the resentment of all people when you come in a driven limousine.

If individuals consider of renting a limo rental for driving, their heads immediately correlate it with hallowed happenings such as balls and matrimonial ceremonies. Jubilant teenagers and jubilant wedding crowds trek in relaxation and luxury to ones destinations in a carefree surrounding. However, booking a limousine rental for getting to an airport is another available option for utilizing a limousine rental in everyday lifestyle. There are tons of varied important reasons to contemplate, like the diverse pros offered and pros of utilizing the amenities, when figuring out the greatest limo company to hire, and every single consumer must do lots of investigation about which organization offers the limo rental which is best-tailored to their travel requirements.

Take a coupleseconds to settle down in the hushed serene environment. Since all of your focus may be given to such matters in an undisturbed environment sans placing people in hazard by taking your attention,security of all folks is increased. After a long travel time or stressed filled day at the office, a driver takes care of all of the nerver racking particulars of packing up luggage and productively steering through traffic while the passenger has the freedom to ponder on that day‘s events or make provisions for future affairs.

In addition, a limo company could provide reduced prices determined on amount of time or for the number ofrecurring charters completed with the agency. By measuring up charges of different agencies as well as hiring a limousine from a particular company more than once, it is deasible to receive first rate fees as a esteemed buyer. Don’t forget to ask for a quote in ink which details all of the trip needs of your traveling consisting of the arrival spell. Reliable limo rentals guarantee their amenities and are ensured. Many agencies may not cover toll fees and parking prices within the estimate, as well as such could be clearly stated in the quote. Additionally, many services provide one hour of price free wait time. This is an imperative benefit if a craft does not get there prompt or a person is running late when preparing to go.

When selecting to a limo company for traveling to as well as from the airport, it is vital to make sure the agency you pick comprehends your personal travel wants and that the driver used by the agency is knowledgeable to the city in which you will be going. There is a ton of pros afforded by companies, plus such options may prove to be imperative depending on which kind of trip is being made. Most firms offer different rates for trade and personal use. Also, every company creates its own set of procedures concerning how work is performed. The simplest method to research the performances of various companies preceding to renting a limo is to use the net and go to firm webpages. It is vital to think of the exact count of persons whom could be riding in the automobile since this may reveal the precise preference of limo that can be utilized. Tons of chauffeurs are qualified,covered by insurance, and trained in the numerous manners of chauffeur work. However, it is crucial to check into the firm’s rental background thoroughly. This indicates looking into additional than the facts offered on their website.

  If you prefer a Navigator, Chrysler 300,  Cadillac, Mercedes, Lincoln Town Car, or Hummer; your  party can begin and  finish contained by the  pretty limo made to  cause your formal or nuptial a  success. You can be the  resentment of all people when  you come in a driven limousine.

Finally, prior to consenting to any company that a limo agency gives, make sure their convoy of cars is current as well as that they aren’t making use of autos which are technically questionable. The company should have a large selection of vehicles from which to choose in order to exceed the numerous travel requirements of their customers. If using an airport limousine to collect customers, its important to project the perfect idea and sending a substandard transportation may not assist with enterprise offers. Similarly, picking up or dropping off loved ones at the airport has to be a trusted and stress-free event. Utilizing a limo company with a driver to take care of every tiny aspect makes this allowable for every journey. Keep in mind to verify the firm’s reputation and ensure that the agency have a history of customer approval. Watchfully weigh both pros and negative evaluations, as well as make sure the company has a reputation of providing excellent, well-mannered service that is additionally trustworthy and timely.

Think of the stress plus feeling of journeying all day and needing to pilot the various routes to your end result. After long times of going and negotiating airport chaos, your end place is still a little a bit further, and journeyer’s weariness is a common feeling. Tense experiences and strained nerves can devastate a chauffeur plus make travel Hazardous for all around you. These times of anxiety need not have to be realized. Chartering a limousine service for driving to and from the airport provides tons of pros to customers comprising of lavishness plus ease. By thoughtfully thinking of your special driving necessities for every journey plus the different agencies that give those services, you can make sure a relaxation, easy, as well as more-than-acceptable experience every time you require an airport limousine.

Large Airports in Colombia

El Dorado International Airport
Airport NameCityAirport Code

Medium Airports in Colombia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aguas Claras AirportOcañaOCV
Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International AirportCaliCLO
Alfonso López Pumarejo AirportValleduparVUP
Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International AirportLeticiaLET
Almirante Padilla AirportRiohachaRCH
Antonio Narino AirportPastoPSO
Antonio Roldan Betancourt AirportCarepaAPO
Baracoa AirportMaganguéMGN
Benito Salas AirportNeivaNVA
Camilo Daza International AirportCúcutaCUC
Coveñas AirportCoveñasCVE
Eduardo Falla Solano AirportSan Vicente Del CaguánSVI
El Bagre AirportEl BagreEBG
El Caraño AirportQuibdóUIB
El Eden AirportArmeniaAXM
El Embrujo AirportProvidenciaPVA
El Yopal AirportEl YopalEYP
Enrique Olaya Herrera AirportMedellínEOH
Ernesto Cortissoz International AirportBarranquillaBAQ
Fabio Alberto Leon Bentley AirportMitúMVP
Farfan AirportTuluáULQ
Gerardo Tobar López AirportBuenaventuraBUN
German Olano Air BaseLa DoradaPQE
German Olano AirportPuerto CarreñoPCR
Gomez Nino Apiay Air BaseApiayAPY
Guillermo León Valencia AirportPopayánPPN
Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes AirportFlorenciaFLA
Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International AirportSan AndrésADZ
Gustavo Vargas AirportTameTME
Jorge E. Gonzalez Torres AirportSan José Del GuaviareSJE
Jorge Isaac AirportLa Mina-MaicaoMCJ
José Celestino Mutis AirportBahía SolanoBSC
Jose Celestino Mutis AirportMariquitaMQU
Jose Maria Córdova International AirportRionegroMDE
Juan Casiano AirportGuapiGPI
Juan H White AirportCaucasiaCAQ
La Florida AirportTumacoTCO
La Nubia AirportManizalesMZL
Las Brujas AirportCorozalCZU
Las Flores AirportEl BancoELB
Los Garzones AirportMonteríaMTR
Marandúa Air BaseMarandúaMQZ
Matecaña International AirportPereiraPEI
Obando AirportPuerto IníridaPDA
Otu AirportEl RhinSKOT
Palonegro AirportBucaramangaBGA
Paz De Ariporo AirportPaz De AriporoPZA
Perales AirportIbaguéIBE
Pitalito AirportPitalitoPTX
Rafael Nuñez International AirportCartagenaCTG
San Luis AirportIpialesIPI
Santa Ana AirportCartagoCRC
Santiago Perez AirportAraucaAUC
Santiago Vila AirportGirardotGIR
Simón Bolívar International AirportSanta MartaSMR
Tres De Mayo AirportPuerto AsísPUU
Tres Esquinas Air BaseTres EsquinasTQS
Tunja AirportTunjaSKTJ
Vanguardia AirportVillavicencioVVC
Yariguíes AirportBarrancabermejaEJA

Small Airports in Colombia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Acaricuara AirportAcaricuaraARF
Aerosport AirportFlandesFLD
Agua Blanca AirportPiedrasABT
Aguachica AirportAguachicaAGH
Aguaclara AirportAguaclaraACL
Airport Punta EspadaCO-0001
Alberto Lleras Camargo AirportSogamosoSOX
Alcides Fernández AirportAcandíACD
Alfemar AirportJuradoALR
Algarrobo AirportFundaciónFUN
Altamira AirportOrocueALT
Amalfi AirportAmalfiAFI
Ana María AirportCodazziANN
Andalucía AirportVillavicencioVVM
Andes AirportAndesADN
Aniversario Estra AirportEl EspinalESS
Apartadó AirportApartadóAPO
Apiay AirportApiayAPI
Araguanen AirportYopalARG
Araracuara AirportAraracuaraACR
Arboletes AirportArboletesARO
Arica AirportAricaACM
Ataco AirportAtacoATC
Ayacucho AirportAyacuchoAYC
Ayapel AirportAyapelAYA
Bahia Cupica AirportBahía CupicaBHF
Banco AirportNunchiaBAN
Barbosa AirportBarbosaBSA
Barranca De Upia AirportBarranca De UpiaBAC
Barranco Minas AirportBarranco MinasNBB
Barrancominas AirportBarrancominasBMG
Barranquillita AirportMirafloresBOL
Base Principal Celta AirportAguachicaAGY
Becerril AirportBecerrilBEC
Belén De Inambú AirportMituMIB
Bella Cruz - San Juan AirportLa GloriaLGL
Bello Horizonte AirportPuerto LópezPLE
Berástegui AirportBerásteguiBIC
Berlín AirportVillaviejaBJA
Bethania AirportEl CopeyCES
Bizerta AirportNunchiaBIZ
Bocas De Satinga AirportBocas De SatingaBDS
Bocoa Querari AirportMituMBQ
Boluca AirportVenadilloBNI
Buena Vista AirportOrocueOCU
Buenavista AirportFonsecaBVA
Buenos Aires AirportPailitasBNP
Caño Blanco AirportFuente De OroFTE
Caño Garza AirportPaz De AriporoPAZ
Caño Grande AirportSan Luis De PalenqueCAA
Cabo Marzo AirportJuradoCAM
Cachiporro AirportMituMCP
Calamar AirportSan José Del GuaviareCLM
Calenturitas AirportLa LomaLLO
Calicanto AirportAlvaradoCAT
Calima AirportAguachicaCAL
Campo Alegre AirportValledupaVAP
Campo Capote AirportVelezCAC
Canaima AirportVillavicencioCMA
Cananari AirportMituMCI
Candilejas AirportCandilejasCJD
Cano Coló AirportMituMOL
Capurganá AirportCapurganáCPB
Caquetania AirportCaquetaniaCQT
Carimagua AirportPuerto LópezCCO
Carmen De Bolivar AirportCarmen De BolivarCBR
Carurú AirportCarurúCUO
Casacara Cayta AirportCodazziCAG
Casanare AirportManíMNI
Castilla Central AirportPraderaCST
Casuarito AirportCasuaritoCSR
Caucaya AirportPuerto LeguízamoLQM
Cavasa AirportCandelariaCVS
Centro Adm/Tivo AirportSanta RitaCAO
Cerrejón Central AirportBarrancasBCA
Cerritos AirportAmbalemaCRR
Cerro De Piedra AirportLa Jagua De IbiricoLJD
Chambimbal AirportSan PedroCHB
Chaparral AirportChaparralCPL
Chaparrito AirportPaz De AriporoPZR
Chapinero AirportTierraltaCHR
Chicoral - Estra AirportChicoralCHA
Chigorodó AirportChigorodóIGO
Chivolo AirportChivoloIVO
Ciénaga AirportYopalYPL
Cicuco AirportLimónMMP
Cimitarra AirportCimitarraCIM
Cinera AirportCúcutaCRA
Ciudad Yari AirportSan Vicente Del CaguánCDY
Codazzi AirportHacienda BorreroDZI
Colegial AirportVillanuevaVNL
Colombaima AirportBeltranCOL
Comuneros AirportEl SocorroELS
Corral Nuevo AirportPlatoCRN
Cotoprix AirportRiohachaCTP
Cravo Norte AirportCravo NorteRAV
Cruz Verde AirportIbagueCVT
Cumachagua AirportSanta RosalìaCAV
Cumaribo AirportPuerto CarreñoPCE
Cupica AirportBahía SolanoSKCP
Currillo AirportCurrilloCUI
Cusiana AirportTauramenaCUS
Darien Calima AirportDarienDAR
Dumacita AirportManíMIN
El Aceituno AirportIbagueECB
El Algarrobo AirportSan MarcosEAS
El Boral AirportOrocueORR
El Bosque AirportSan AlbertoSAR
El Caimán AirportOrocueORE
El Cairo AirportHato CorozalHCO
El Carmen AirportGuamalECM
El Cebruno AirportAyapelCEB
El Cedrito AirportArmeniaARE
El Charco AirportEl CharcoECR
El Cimarrón AirportLa PrimaveraLPR
El Convento AirportVillavicencioVIC
El Coraje AirportAriguaniAUR
El Danubio AirportHato CorozalHTC
El Deshecho AirportNunchiaNUN
El Diamante AirportVillavicencioVCC
El Edén AirportSantanaSTA
El Encanto AirportEl EncantoECO
El Escobal AirportIbagueEET
El Esfuerzo AirportManatíEEA
El Espinal AirportEl EspinalESP
El Espino AirportEl EspinoEEB
El Gavilán AirportLa PrimaveraLPG
El Gilgal AirportAcandiEGI
El Guayabx AirportPatiaEGY
El Juncal AirportPalermoEJU
El Limonar AirportCampo AlegreELH
El Marne AirportRionegroELM
El Medano AirportOrocueORU
El Milagro AirportBugaBGN
El Monasterio AirportAcaciasACI
El Moriche AirportAguazulAGM
El Pacífico AirportCartagena Del ChiaraCCH
El Paraíso AirportAguachicaAGI
El Plateado AirportFrontinoFRO
El Porvenir AirportAguazulAZG
El Prado AirportSan Carlos De GuaroaSCG
El Progreso AirportGranadaGAN
El Recreo AirportSan Luis De PalenqueELE
El Recuerdo AirportFlandesELR
El Rincón De Mucura AirportSan OnofreSOR
El Rinconcito AirportPuerto LópezPPZ
El Rodeo AirportOrocueORM
El Ruby AirportCastilla La NuevaELU
El Santuario AirportAmbalemaAMB
El Tambo AirportBayuncaBYA
El Tapón AirportEl TapónETA
El Tornillo AirportRionegroETO
El Triunfo AirportAmbalemaETR
El Troncal AirportArauquitaARQ
El Vergel AirportCabuyaroCRY
El Viejo Carmen AirportOrocueOCE
El Vigía AirportVillanuevaEVC
El Viso AirportCampo AlegreCUM
El Zamuro AirportEl YopalELZ
Elborrego AirportLa LomaLJB
Elf Trinidad AirportTrinidadTDI
Estero AirportManíMAI
Fabal-Coal AirportGamarraAFC
Facón Saldaña AirportSaldañaSSL
Fasca Main Base AirportAguazulFCA
Fundación AirportFundaciónFDA
Furatena AirportQuipamaQPM
Gamarra AirportPuerto MosquitoGRA
Ganadería AirportHondaGTT
Gaviotas AirportPuerto LlerasPUL
Germania AirportYopalYPP
Gilgal AirportVilla ClaretGGL
Gonzalo Mejía AirportTurboTRB
Guacamayas AirportGuacamayasGCA
Guadalaja AirportIbagueGUT
Guaicarano AirportBarranco De UpíaBAR
Guamal AirportGuamalGAA
Guamito AirportPalermoGUN
Guamitos AirportCastilla La NuevaCVA
Guamo - Asta AirportEl GuamoGMO
Guanapalo AirportOrocueORO
Guanayas AirportFuente De OroFEO
Guarilaque AirportOrocueORA
Guaymaral AirportChíaGMY
Guerima AirportGuerimaGMC
Guinulero AirportTumacoGUI
Hacienda García AirportLéridaLRI
Hacienda La Elvira AirportObandoHEV
Hacienda Veracruz AirportHacienda VeracruzSK-031
Halcones AirportFuente De OroFUR
Hato Corozal AirportHato CorozalHTZ
Hato De Opia AirportIbagueHOP
Hato La Aurora AirportHato CorozalHOZ
Hato La Esperanza AirportPuerto GaitánHLE
Herrera AirportCampiñaHRR
Hipilandia AirportSan AlbertoSNL
Honduras Br AirportMaría La BajaHOB
Ibacaba AirportMituMIC
Indira AirportTurboINA
Ingenio Incauca AirportMirandaMDA
Ingenio Manuelita AirportPalmiraPMM
Ingenio Mayaguez AirportCandelariaCAD
Ingenio Providencia AirportEl CerritoELT
Ingenio Risaralda AirportBalboaBAL
Irho AirportSan AlbertoIRH
Iscuande AirportIscuandeISD
Jabalcón AirportJabalcónJAB
Jamaica AirportAguazulAGJ
Jibici AirportPuerto CarreñoPRR
Juan Jose Rondon AirportPaipaPIP
Julia Carolina AirportBosconiaBCO
Jurado AirportJuradoJUO
Kamanaos AirportMituMKA
La .Estrella AirportGuacariGUE
La Amalia AirportCiénagaAMA
La Arabia AirportCabuyaroCBY
La Arrobleda AirportCalotoLAR
La Aurora AirportParatebuenoPRB
La Barquereña AirportNunchiaLAB
La Base-Fumivalle AirportGuacariGUR
La Bastilla AirportEl GuamoLAA
La Bramadora AirportSan Luis De PalenqueSLI
La Cabaña AirportCalotoCTO
La Cabana AirportCumaralLAC
La Cacica AirportSan MartinLCI
La Candela AirportFuente De OroFNO
La Candelaria AirportOrocueORX
La Carmelita AirportLéridaLER
La Carpeta AirportPaz De AriporoLAP
La Cascajera AirportBarranca BermejaBJE
La Ceiba AirportNunchiaNUA
La Chapa AirportHato CoroCHP
La Cheka AirportCiénagaCIE
La Chorrera AirportLa ChorreraLCR
La Colina AirportVillavicencioLAM
La Colonia AirportPaz De AriporoPDR
La Concepción AirportAyapelLAN
La Concordia AirportTauramenaTRM
La Culebra AirportOrocueORJ
La Diana AirportCastillaCAX
La Dilia AirportCodazziLAD
La Diva AirportSanta MartaSNM
La Envidia AirportTauramenaTRE
La Esmeralda AirportVillavicencioLEM
La Esperanza AirportCodazziEPZ
La Fe AirportEl CopeyECU
La Flora AirportSan Luis De PalenqueNUC
La Floresta AirportYaguaraLFT
La Florida AirportSan Carlos De GuaroaSGG
La Gaviota AirportPlatoLEB
La Gloria AirportManíMNO
La Irlanda AirportEl PasoLAI
La Jagua AirportGarzónGLJ
La Jagua De Ibir AirportLa Jagua De IbirLJC
La Jaula AirportLa PrimaveraLJV
La Libélula AirportCajigaCJI
La Loma AirportSan MartinSRT
La Luna AirportFuente De OroFOO
La Macarena AirportLos MicosLMC
La Manga AirportAipeAIH
La Mansión AirportSan Carlos De GuaroaSDG
La María AirportCumaralCMR
La Matua AirportSan DiegoLAT
La Mesa AirportLa VictoriaLVC
La Nena Cayta AirportGamarraGAM
La Nevera AirportNunchiaNIA
La Opia AirportPiedrasPRA
La Palestina AirportLa PalestinaLAE
La Palma AirportBosconiaLPA
La Paz AirportParatebuenoLAZ
La Pedrera AirportLa PedreraLPD
La Pista AirportOrocueLAL
La Plata AirportPuerto GaitánPGP
La Ponderosa AirportParatebuenoPBR
La Primavera AirportCosta RicaLPE
La Providencia AirportItuango 2ITG
La Realidad AirportVillavicencioVCI
La Reforma AirportNunchiaNCC
La Rubiera AirportAraucaARA
La Union AirportCastilla La NuevaCLA
La Uribe AirportBogotáSK-216
La Vega AirportZambranoLVB
La Venganza AirportPaz De AriporoPDE
La Victoria AirportPuerto CarreñoPTC
La Ye AirportCiénagaLAY
Lagos Del Dorado AirportMirafloresMRF
Lajitas AirportPuerto LópezLAJ
Las Brisas AirportVillavicencioVVD
Las Cañas AirportCandelariaCNL
Las Cruces AirportSabana De TorresSNT
Las Delicias AirportSan Luis De PalenqueLLI
Las Flores AirportCodazziLFL
Las Garzas AirportPradoLGA
Las Gaviotas AirportLa TebaidaLTB
Las Juanas AirportCastilla La NuevaLAU
Las Malvinas AirportPuerto GaitánLML
Las Tapias AirportLa GloriaLTA
Lasguabin AirportOrocueLAS
Leguizamo AirportLeguizamoLGZ
Leticia AirportAlvaradoLCT
Lopez De Micay AirportMicayLMX
Los Almendros AirportCarepaLAO
Los Angele AirportMituMVU
Los Bálticos AirportPuerto LópezLOB
Los Cabros AirportYopalYYP
Los Colonizadores AirportLos ColonizadoresRVE
Los Feria Girón AirportSan LuisSLR
Los Gavanes AirportCabuyaroCBA
Los Gemelos Dorados AirportPuerto WilchesPTW
Los Mangos AirportSaldañaLMS
Los Milagros AirportManíLOM
Los Mochuelos AirportCereteLME
Los Monjes AirportSan MartinSNT
Los Morros AirportSan OnofreLMR
Los Mulatos AirportEl CharcoLMN
Los Planes AirportApartadoLPL
Los Sabanales AirportFuente De OroFUT
Los Toros AirportTrinidadTRI
Los Venados AirportPuerto LópezLVE
Macanal AirportMacanalNAD
Madaci AirportValledupaVDP
Madrid Air BaseMadridSKMA
Maguí Payán AirportMaguí PayánMGP
Maicao AirportMaicaoMCJ
Majagual AirportFuente De OroFUO
Malabares AirportTrinidadMAL
Malvinas AirportGranadaGRN
Manaure AirportManaureMAG
Mandinga AirportCondotoCOG
Mapiripan AirportSan MartinMAP
Mararey AirportOrocueMAR
Maríaangélica AirportAguazulAGU
Marco Fidel Suarez Air BaseCaliSKGB
Mata De Plátano AirportSabana DeMAT
Matenovillos AirportSan Luis De PalenqueSLY
Matupa AirportSan MartinMTU
Mayorca AirportEl DifícilELF
Málaga AirportMálagaMLG
Medina AirportMedinaMND
Melgar Air BaseMelgarSKME
Millan AirportSimitiSTI
Miraflores AirportMirafloresMFS
Miriti AirportMiritiMIX
Monfort AirportMonfortMFB
Monteliban AirportCodazziMOC
Montelibano AirportMontelíbanoMTB
Monterrey AirportZambranoMBO
Morelia AirportPuerto GaitánPGT
Morichal AirportMorichalMHF
Morichal Papanagu AirportMorichalMCG
Mosquera AirportMosqueraMQR
Mulatos AirportMulatosULS
Mundo Nuevo AirportPuerto LópezMUN
Murindo AirportMurindoMRI
Mutata AirportMutataMTA
Muzo AirportMuzoMUZ
Natalia AirportPuerto LópezPRL
Necocli AirportNecocliNCI
Neiva York AirportVillavicencioVVN
Nueva Fortuna AirportNueva FortunaNFA
Nueva Granada AirportLa Jagua De IbiricoLJI
Nueva York AirportEspinalNYY
Nunchia AirportNunchiaNUH
Oreganal AirportBarrancasBCU
Orito AirportOritoORI
Orocue AirportOrocueORC
Pacoa AirportPacoaPCA
Pacu AirportMituMPU
Pajonales AirportAmbalemaPJS
Palanquero AirportPuerto SalgarPAL
Palma Rosa AirportNunchiaNUT
Palmar De Oriente AirportVillanuevaVLU
Palmarito AirportTrinidadTRD
Palmas Del Casana AirportVillanuevaVIL
Palmasola AirportPuerto LópezPLO
Papunagu AirportMituMTC
Paratebueno AirportParatebuenoEUO
Payán AirportPayánPYN
Pensilvania AirportPensilvaniaPEN
Petriba(Guayabal) AirportCabuyaroCEU
Petrolea AirportCúcutaPET
Piedra Ñi AirportMituMDR
Pinoquia AirportPuerto CarreñoPNQ
Piracuara AirportMituMPI
Pizarro AirportBajo Baud0BBA
Planadas AirportBetaniaPLA
Planeta Rica AirportPlaneta RicaPLC
Plato AirportPlatoPLT
Polonia AirportPoloniaPOL
Pore AirportPorePOR
Pororó AirportCodazziPRO
Portugalito AirportArmeniaAMN
Potrerito AirportIbaguePPT
Praga AirportObandoOBA
Primero De Mayo AirportParatebuenoPRI
Providencia AirportTauramenaTNU
Puerto Alvira AirportSan MartínPCJ
Puerto Berrio AirportPuerto BerrioPBE
Puerto Bolívar AirportPortetePBO
Puerto Boyacá AirportPuerto BoyacáPYA
Puerto Estrella AirportUribiaURA
Puerto Gaitan AirportPuerto GaitanSKPG
Puerto López AirportPuerto LópezSKOL
Puerto Lleras AirportPuerto LópezPLL
Puerto Nare AirportArmeniaNAR
Puerto Perales AirportPuerto TriunfoPFO
Puerto Rico AirportPuerto RicoPCC
Puerto Wlches AirportPuerto WilchesPWT
Quebraditas AirportAcaciasACS
Rancho Ae AirportSantafe De AntioquíaRAN
Rancho Alegre AirportLa PrimaveraLPV
Rancho Grande AirportIbagueRGR
Rancho Nare AirportPuerto LópezRCN
Remedios C AirportOtuOTU
Reyes Murillo AirportNuquíNQU
Rio Paila AirportZarzalOPA
Rondón AirportPuerto RondónRON
Sabanalarga AirportSabanalargaSLC
Sabaneta AirportSan MartinSMD
Sala 77 AirportValledupaSSC
San Agustín AirportSaldanaSDA
San Antonio AirportMituMSA
San Bernardo AirportMompósMMP
San Carlos-Planas AirportSanta RosalìaSCS
San Diego AirportTelloTLO
San Felipe AirportSan FelipeSSD
San Fernandof AirportPaz De ArifSAN
San Francisco AirportGarzónSFC
San Gerardo AirportGuacariSXG
San Germán AirportNatagaimaSGT
San Gil AirportSan GilSGL
San Isidro AirportPuerto LópezPLD
San Jacinto AirportPadillaSJP
San Javier AirportPiedrasSJT
San Jerónimo AirportFlandesSCY
San José AirportLéridaLRA
San José De Ocune AirportPuerto CarreñoPRE
San José Mulatos AirportSan José MulatosSJM
San Juan De Uraba AirportSan Juan De UrabaSJR
San Juan Del César AirportSan Juan Del CésarSJH
San Juanito AirportSan JuanitoSJJ
San Luis AirportPalermoPMO
San Luis De AirportVillavicencioVVE
San Luis De Paca AirportMituMSP
San Luis De Palenque AirportSan Luis De PalenqueSQE
San Marcos AirportSan MarcosSRS
San Marino AirportZarzalZAR
San Martin AirportBosconiaBOC
San Miguel AirportSan Carlos De GuaroaSNU
San Pablo - Incora AirportMaría La BajaSPO
San Pablo AirportOrocueOOR
San Pedro AirportBuenavistaBVS
San Pedro De Jagua AirportSan Pedro De JaguaSJG
San Pedro De Urabá AirportSan Pedro De UrabaNPU
San Vicente AirportCastilla La NuevaGNU
Santa Ana AirportOrocueSAA
Santa Bárbara AirportTesaliaTSI
Santa Catalina AirportSanta CatalinaSCA
Santa Clara AirportSabanalargaSAT
Santa Fe De Antioquía AirportSKSF
Santa Helena De Upia AirportVillanuevaSHL
Santa Isabel AirportVillavicencioVVU
Santa Lucía AirportAbregoSLU
Santa Maria AirportSanta MaríaSMC
Santa Rita AirportMituMSR
Santa Rita, Ituango AirportSanta Rita, ItuangoSTR
Santa Rosa Del Sud AirportSanta Rosa Del SudSRD
Santa Rosalìa AirportSanta RosalìaCAO
Santana Ramos AirportSantana RamosSRO
Santiago I AirportManíSKSI
Sardinas AirportOrocueORS
Señorías AirportVillanuevaVLE
Sinai AirportVillaviejaVVJ
Soceagro AirportVillanuevaVNU
Solano AirportSolanoSQF
Solita AirportSolitaSOH
Sonaña AirportMituMSO
Sopetran AirportSopetranSOP
Suescun AirportSan Carlos De GuaroaSK-349
Tablón De Tamara AirportTablón De TamaraTTM
Tamaca AirportCodazziCOZ
Tamarindo AirportCoyaimaCYA
Tapa Chicamocha AirportVillavicencioVVL
Tapurucuara AirportMituMUR
Taraira AirportTarairaTAR
Tarapacá AirportTarapacáTCD
Tarqui AirportTauramenaTMA
Tauramena AirportTauramenaTAU
Tío Bayo AirportManíMYN
Teresita AirportMituMTS
Tesalia AirportTesaliaTES
Teucali AirportPiedrasTEU
Tibú AirportTibúTBU
Tibiri AirportSan PedroTBI
Tierra Blanca AirportRoldanilloTIB
Timbiqui AirportTimbiquiTBD
Tiquie AirportMituMTI
Tobasia AirportPuerto LópezPLS
Tolú AirportTolúTLU
Tolemaida Air BaseLas CeibasSKTI
Tomachipa AirportSan José Del GuaviareTPI
Tres Ríos AirportMirafloresTRR
Trinidad AirportTrinidadTDA
Trompillos AirportYopalYOP
Udelva AirportJamundiJDI
Umbría AirportCumaralUMB
Unguia AirportArquiaUNC
Uribe AirportUribeURI
Urra AirportTierraltaURT
Urrao AirportUrraoURR
Varsovia AirportSan LuisVAV
Vegas Del Rio AirportSupiaVDR
Velásquez AirportVelásquezSKVL
Venecia De Guamas AirportPaz De AriporoPZI
Ventaquemada AirportAlvaradoVTQ
Vigía Del Fuerte AirportMurindoVDF
Villa Andrea AirportManíMNY
Villa Fátima AirportMituMVI
Villa Garzón AirportVilla GarzónVGZ
Villa Gladys AirportMituMVA
Villa Nueva AirportMituMVN
Villa Oliva AirportSan MartinVOA
Villa Rosa AirportValledupaVDL
Villanueva AirportTurboVVA
Vista Hermosa AirportVista HermosaVIH
Wacaricuara AirportMituMIT
Wainambi AirportMituMWA
Wasay AirportMituMWY
Waterloo AirportPiedrasPIE
Yaguara AirportSan Vicente Del CaguánAYG
Yaguarito AirportSurimenaSK53
Yalconia AirportCabuyaroCYE
Yapima AirportMituYAP
Yapu AirportMituMYA
Yari AirportYariAYI
Yavarate AirportYavarateVAB
Yátaros De Meluá AirportPuerto LópezPTZ
Zapatoca AirportZapatocaAZT

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